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TSIS-CORSIM 2024 - Annual Subscription

This product is a one-year subscription to the full license of TSIS-CORSIM. TSIS-CORSIM is a microscopic traffic analysis tool that can simulate surface streets, model signals, and predict mobility performance measures.
USD $ 850.00

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Component Programs of TSIS-CORSIM Include:

T7F Logo

A microscopic simulation model

T7F Logo

A user interface and output processor


CORSIM-generated traffic simulation viewer


New Features and Applications of TSIS-CORSIM Include:

  • A modern user interface for Windows 10/11 usability and public presentation and demonstration
  • Bing Maps interface, including: NEW
    • Accurate Measurement: Links created on the Bing Maps are automatically scaled to field conditionsNEW
    • Quick navigation with a search toolNEW
    • Easy-to-use location and framing adjustmentNEW
    • Aerial photo or map -type view and labeling optionsNEW
    • New appearance, including color scheme and better visual contrastNEW
    • Performance improvements and optimizationNEW
    • New pan tool to replace center-to-cursor toolNEW
  • Simplified modeling, where input editing and model use the same file (.TRF)
  • Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Y) commands for all dialogs, including the Map View interface and Text Editor tool
  • Graphical reporting of environmental measures such as emissions and fuel efficiency by vehicle class
  • Freeway and surface street interchanges
  • Signal timing and signal coordination
  • Freeway facility operations, including weaving sections, major merge/diverge, and lane adds and drops
  • Bus stations, bus routes, carpools, and taxis
  • Ramp metering and HOV/HOT lanes
  • Unsignalized intersections: isolated or as part of a corridor
  • Verification and validation of other software
  • Incident detection and management
  • Queuing studies involving turn pockets and queue spillback blockage
  • Toll plazas and truck weigh stations, with free or restricted lanes and booth geometry and operation options
  • Origin-destination traffic flow patterns for total traffic or vehicle types
  • Descriptive statistics for output post-processing, through automatic multi-run option with random seeds
  • Simulation of right-hand drive or left-hand drive
  • Import files from HCS modules, which allows supplementing the analysis of the HCM for modeling
  • Import and export models and signal timings to/from TRANSYT-7F
  • Redesigned vehicle trajectory tracking
  • Forecast demand scenarios with the growth factors toolNEW
  • Input for market penetration of CAVs with partial degree of connectivity
  • Two-Lane highway simulation, compliant with HCM6 and HCM7 performance measures
  • Automatic turning movement inputs for link creationNEW
  • New warnings and auto-correcting features for creating freeway linksNEW
  • New user guide with example problems and detailed explanations of inputsNEW

Support and Updates

Technical support and software updates are available with an active subscription, and detailed consulting assistance can be accessed for an hourly fee.
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