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TSIS-CORSIM - Academic Research

This product includes a full license (single-seat) of TSIS-CORSIM for universities, to be used only for research purposes. TSIS-CORSIM is a microscopic traffic simulation software package for signal systems, freeway systems, or combined signal and freeway systems.
USD $ 750.00

TSIS is an integrated development environment that enables users to conduct traffic operations analysis. Built using a component architecture, TSIS is a toolbox that contains tools that allow the user to define and manage traffic analysis projects, define traffic networks and create inputs for traffic simulation analysis, execute traffic simulation models, and interpret the results of those models.

Component programs of TSIS-CORSIM include:

  • CORSIM microscopic simulation model
  • TRAFVU animation and graphics
  • TShell program manager
  • TSIS Next program manager and graphical input editor
  • TRAFED graphical input editor
  • TSIS Output Processor
  • CORSIM Run Time Extension
  • TRANSYT-7F signal optimization, pre-processing, and summary reports
  • NETSIM and FRESIM pre-processing

Capabilities of TSIS-CORSIM include:

  • Verification and validation of other software
  • Surrogate for field data collection
  • Public presentation and demonstration
  • Land use traffic impact studies and access management studies
  • Freeway and surface street interchanges
  • Signal timing and signal coordination
  • Emergency vehicles and signal pre-emption
  • Freeway weaving sections, lane adds and lane drops
  • Bus stations, bus routes, carpools and taxis
  • Ramp metering and HOV lanes
  • Unsignalized intersections and signal warrants
  • Incident detection and management
  • Queuing studies involving turn pockets and queue blockage
  • Toll plazas and truck weigh stations
  • Origin-destination traffic flow patterns
  • Statistical output post-processing
  • Run-time extension (RTE) for researchers
  • Simulation of right-hand drive or left-hand drive
  • Import files from HCS and TRANSYT-7F
  • Export files to TRANSYT-7F

Version 6.2 offers a variety of new features including signal pre-emption for actuated controllers, traffic assignment for actuated controllers, two-lane rural highways with passing and no-passing zones, vehicle type O-D volumes in FRESIM, laneage drawing in TSIS Next, and TRANSYT-7F signal optimization.

Release 6.3 includes new Streets and Freeways Editors, capable of building new CORSIM networks in about one-tenth the time compared with using TRAFED or TSIS Next. Based on the Urban Streets and Freeway Facilities modules from HCS 2010, these new editors use basic volume and timing data from the user to automatically construct complex simulation networks within seconds. Choose the “Quick Animation” feature to view animation immediately.Once finished, export the network for further calibration (TRAFED or TSIS Next) and analysis (TSIS Output Processor), if desired. TRAFED can even combine multiple NETSIM streets and FRESIM facilities into a single CORSIM network, automatically.

Extensive HTML-based electronic documentation is available for free within the TSIS package.Context-sensitive help is available on numerous software screens.Users guides in Acrobat (PDF) format are available on the installation CD.

Annual support fees are now available to extend technical support and software updates beyond the first 12 months of ownership.

Note: Unless otherwise requested, you will be provided with a link to the installation.

Operating System: WINDOWS 7/VISTA/XP/2000

Version Number: 6.3