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Highway Capacity Software (HCS2023) - Single Office License - Annual Subscription

This product is a one-year subscription to the full license of HCS 2023 to be used by a Single “Office” only for commercial (non-academic) use. The definition of “Office” encompasses any number of computers within the End User immediate physical office.
USD $ 925.00

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Freeway Segments and Facilities

  • Supports metric units
  • Capacity effects of CAVsNEW
  • Work zones
  • Incident and adverse weather effects
  • Service volumes
  • Design level analyses
  • Lane add/drop and major diverge analysis
  • Weaving analysis on multilane highways segments or C-D roads
  • Quick facility segmentation tool
  • Managed lanes with multiple separation types and access configurationsNEW
  • Map-Based Segmentation with Bing MapsNEW
  • New calibration page to evaluate model outputs as function of key model inputsNEW
  • HSS safety results included in HCS freeways analysisNEW
  • Lane-by-lane analysisNEW
  • Multiperiod analysis
  • O-D travel time reportingNEW
  • New performance measures: VMT, VHD, and total delay costNEW
  • Mixed flow model for improved truck analysis
  • Travel time reliability
  • Macroscopic simulation for oversaturated conditions
  • Volume-based and demand-based capacity analysis
  • Graphic representation of facility and performance measures
  • Improved Facility Heatmaps to visualize MOEs across time and space on freeway facilitiesNEW
  • Evaluate cross-weaving effects of flows between ramps and managed lane access pointsNEW
  • Easily import/export to CVS

Multilane Highways

  • Supports metric units
  • Mixed flow model for improved truck analysis
  • Bicycle level of service (LOS)
  • Integration with HSSNEW

Two-Lane Highways Segments and Facilities

  • Supports metric units
  • Super 2 (2+1) highways
  • Subsegmentation by horizontal curvature
  • Free-flow speed estimation based on posted speedNEW
  • Bicycle level of service
  • Integration with HSSNEW

Stop-Controlled Intersections

  • Supports metric unitsNEW
  • One and two-stage intersection analysis
  • Left-turn pockets right turn channelization and flared minor-street
  • New pedestrian LOS method including over 13 crossing treatmentsNEW
  • New calibration parameters for two-way stop-controlled analysis (conflicting flow factors)NEW

Ramp Terminal and Interchanges

  • Diamond interchanges
  • Parclo interchanges
  • Single-point urban interchange (SPUI)
  • Diverging diamond interchange (DDI)

Urban Streets & Arterials with Signalized Intersections

  • Supports metric unitsNEW
  • Capacity effects of CAVsNEW
  • Pedestrian and bicycle level of service
  • Pedestrian timing and phasing options
  • Parking and transit impacts
  • Work zones
  • Travel time reliability and ATDM analyses
  • Intersection safety (crash prediction) reportingNEW
  • Streets VMT and emissions reporting
  • Pre-timed, actuated and coordinated control
  • Interactive time-space diagram for corridors
  • Synchro-to-Streets convert toolNEW
  • Dallas/FYA phasing analysis
  • Multiperiod analyses
  • Signal optimization with TRANSYT-7F
  • Customized signal timing optimization with genetic algorithm
  • Work zone analysis
  • Access point analysis and impacts to stop-controlled intersections
  • Import/export to CVS ToolsNEW


  • Supports metric unitsNEW
  • Capacity effects of CAVsNEW
  • Bypass lane analysis
  • Roundabout corridor (segment) analysis
  • Improved roundabout sketchNEW

Alternative Intersections

  • Median U-turn (MUT)
  • Restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT)
  • Displaced left turn (DLT)

Highway Safety Software

  • Ability to open HCS freeway/highway files directly in HSSNEW
  • HSS safety results may be included in HCS highways and freeway analysisNEW

Network Module

A new module that allows combining interacting arterial and freeway models for the first time. Features:

  • Performance measures for trips over multiple facilitiesNEW
  • On-ramp and off-ramp spillback checkNEW

General Features

  • One-click export to TSIS-CORSIM
  • Full support for metric system
  • New menus, logos, and design improvements for an enhanced user experience
  • Several bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Calibration parameters to adjust to agency standards
  • CSV input/output functionality enables users to copy/paste data easily to/from external data sourcesNEW

Support and Updates

Technical support and software updates are available with an active subscription, and detailed consulting assistance can be accessed for an hourly fee.
Training courses are offered several times per year through our Highway Capacity Analysis Virtual Series or in-person upon request.

The HCS2023 Suite includes the following tools

HSS Logo

Highway Safety Software
Crash prediction evaluations in roadway facilities based on the Highway Safety Manual (HSM)

Warrants Logo

Signal warrant analysis tool based on the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

Service Volumes Logo

Service Volumes
Capacity analyses for planning-level applications


Traffic signal timing optimization tool

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